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J O Y!!!

Special thanks to
Danka Fluit, Frits Evelein, Tara Art, Lucy Van de Leemkolk, Shashi Cullinan Cook!
So happy with the beauty and the peace this book radiates. Infinite gratitude!

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Pre-order Special for Europe, 6-11 November 2017!
Special: €17 (€4 discount )
*Books will be signed and addressed to you personally. (Expected arrival December 1st 2017)

To order: email cosmiquefocus@gmail.com
Subject: Pre-order Special
Please let me know:
-Name and address
-How many books?
-Receive it by post or pick it up yourself?
Post NL: €4,50
Post UK / Belgium/ other: €7

About “The Purifying Room”...

Crystee Daveen and her spirit guide Zareena go on a magnificent adventure together in the Universe. They meet the most loving and wise light-beings that help Crystee to understand the language of her body and how she can heal herself. A beautiful story for everyone from young teens to adults.

• Softcover(Color) Pages: 52
• Size: 8.5x11 (A4)
• ISBN: 9781504310734

Illustrated by: Danka Fluit
Designer: Tara Angevaare
Art from the HeArt: Lucy van de Leemkolk
Editor: Shashi Cullinan Cook

Reviews by:
Deb Kelly: founder of LifeIngredients.com
Ariëtte Love Loeffen: ariettelove.com
Dominique Lacroix: nouvellerealite.com
Hannah and Olivia Renner: 8yrs Arizona

• More info: CosmiqueFocus.net





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